Activision Shares Increase Thanks To Strong Holiday Sales


Popular video game manufacturers Activision Blizzard Incorporated have raised their full year forecast for 2014, because their sales have exceeded the expectations that they had going into the year. Their second quarter results have been better than they had expected, and they are also counting on the sales from the release of upcoming games like “Destiny,” and “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The news increased the value of the company’s shares, making it rise by 3 percent in after hours trading, after it closed at $22.36 on Tuesday.

The company said the high digital sales of its “Call of Duty” and “World of Warcraft” franchises drove their non GAAP revenue to $658 million in the second quarter, which was higher than the $608 million they made last year. The company’s Chief Executive, Bobby Kotick said the digital revenue was 73 percent of the total they made for the quarter, which is a record for the company, which makes them enthusiastic about the products they will release in the back half of the year. He is expecting the new “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” to be the most successful game of 2014.

call of duty

With their sales exceeding expectations, Activision has raised its 2014 non GAAP revenue forecast to $4.7 billion, with earnings of $1.29 per share, which is higher that their earlier forecast of $4.67 billion, and earnings of $1.27 per share.

In addition to the company’s expectation of robust sales of the new “Call of Duty” game, Activision is also expecting huge sales numbers from their latest science fiction shooter game, “Destiny,” a game that the company invested $500 million into. The company released a beta version of the game, and video gamers have been responding well to it, and it already has strong pre-order numbers, so they are expecting it to do very well once it is released.

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Activision is also expecting strong sales from their billion dollar “Skylanders” franchise for children; they intend to release the newest edition of the game called “Skylanders Trap Team” later in the year, which will also help them to increase their revenue in the back half of the year.

With the release of these three new games, Activision might surpass their expectations for the rest of the year, because the “Call of Duty” franchise has been their best selling game franchise to date, and will likely surpass the huge sales they made from the previous edition they released “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” which came out in November 2013, and coincided with the release of the next generation consoles, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which affected the sales numbers. There is a lot of buzz surrounding “Advanced Warfare,” and it is expected to break the franchise sales record, which will make a lot of people at Activision happy.

Top RPG Games With The Best Design


Are you looking for some exciting and all new range of RPG to play on your device? Here are some amazing lists of RPG titles that are ideal for any gadget. Playing such games in your gadget makes it exciting and all new experience.

Final Fantasy VI


It is an exciting RPG that comes will refreshing new look to excite all gamers in different platform. The game was originally released in the year 1994 but since then came up with new changes. It has all helped the game to rule the market even today. The game is featured with story, fight mechanics and character all brought in one piece. The model is available for all versions. The game has been designed with controls optimized for new generation touchscreens. The best thing about the game is its exciting story that features with the whole franchise, having more emotional character.

Knights of Pen & Paper


Credits: Boagam

Knights of Pen & Paper is an exciting new RPG game that comes with all new experience. Since its launch the game has come up with tremendous modification and changes that makes it amongst the top RPG games of all time. Initially the story may have been shallow but top notch references and solid mechanics make the script quite exciting. The RPG has tons of dungeons, funny; appeal to fans across the globe and fights are complex and deep. However the game is not free and there are some bug issues complained by Android uses which is preventing them from getting IAPs.

Shattered Planet


Shattered planet is a popular sci-fi RPG that is considered amongst the top RPG of all time. The game is exciting and the player needs to map across mysterious world. The player needs to gather local details and solve some mysteries in the way. There is a randomized level design that comes along with eth game making it a massive replay game. The game also stands tall because of its good sense of humors. There are some periodic updates that come with new items, events and monsters. The game is ideal for individual who are more into battle grind and associated with sci-fi or monsters.

Zombies, Run!


Zombies Run! is not an ideal RPG when you see or play it for the first time but is quite popular one in the list. The game has all the necessary elements required from a classic RPG. There are some interesting levels coming up with the game such as resource allocation, leveling up, quests and an exciting storyline to save the planet. For out of the box RPG experience, play this game. Check out the official website.

Brave Frontier


Brave Frontier is another popular RPG that is popular in recent market. The game has lots of depth when it comes to arena battles, multiplayer raids, several party members and loot. The main aim of this game is to defeat Maxwell, the fallen god. For every RPG fan this particular game will definitely excite you so try your hand with this game which is available in different formats or versions.

Thanks to Joseph Butler from BoaGam for the list of this awesome games. I have not personally played some of them, but will definitely do that!

More information about Final Fantasy series here:

Does marijuana make you a better gamer?

gmr- thumb

The benefits that everyone can get while under the influence of marijuana are still being debated. That is why up to this point, growing, smoking, and selling of this plant is still prohibited and only few states are given the chance to legalize this plant and were provided certain set of rules to follow. Even if the government has firmly stated that there are no medicinal properties found in marijuana, many still believe that it can help them a lot. These people are not only limited to medical doctors but also video game players.

Usage of marijuana to make them play better

The use of marijuana are not only for the purpose of getting high to temporarily relieve yourself from stress but it is also believed that it can alter the gaming skills of a person. There are many who have expressed their testimony over what it can do to them while they play compared to people who are playing the game without taking anything. In fact, they have showed some analogy. They compared marijuana to body-building supplements that can help every individual differently depending on its properties.


Does it really work?

Many gamers have expressed their views privately and at the same time admitted that there are times that they play on tournaments while taking marijuana because they become more capable of winning the game when they smoke one. In the desire of some people to make this claim more believable, some have even conducted an experiment to show to others what it is that marijuana can bring especially to gamers who have shown extreme inclination to the positive effects of marijuana even if the government has openly rejected the possibility of marijuana not having any benefits.

What proof do they have?

Gamers cannot present a more scientific evidence which will support their claim that they can play a game better while they are under the influence of marijuana. Their attempt to make everyone see the difference is by doing a video which in a way will support their claim of how marijuana can make them a better gamer. They have stressed how marijuana have helped them put their focus on the game that they are playing.It did not make them divert their attention but instead all their concentration are set to what they are playing and not to anything else.The effect of marijuana towards having a good memory retention was also stressed out.


Excellent gaming skills plus marijuana equals success

Even if the government will not acknowledge this thing, professional gamers do not let go of the idea that it is marijuana that makes it easier for them to win their games. Going at tournaments and smoking marijuana prior to their games is believed to be one of the contributing factors why winning was made easier. They may be good when it comes to the skills that they have but they are open to the fact that marijuana has taken part for their successful gaming experience.

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Malaysian Paintball Tournament Cancelled


Paintball fans in Malaysia are disappointed that the Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) tournament that was scheduled for April 5-6, has been cancelled (Source: The cancellation comes amid reports that the sport was coming under fire in the region, with sanctions being placed on paintball markers, making them harder to come by, and more expensive.

The MY-NPL tournament series is one of the largest held in Malaysia, and the cancelled tournament was supposed to be the second event of the year, to be held at the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka, in Malacca. Over 450 people were supposed to participate in the tournament, with some of them travelling to Malacca from different countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and Japan.


On the day of the event, the Royal Malaysian Police put a stop to the tournament before it could begin, without any prior notice or explanation, leaving everyone confused.

Mr. Muhammad Muhsin bin Mohammed, the Secretary of the Malaysian Paintball Federation, released a statement to try and explain what took place in the morning. In his statement, he said the tournament was interrupted because the police were conducting a raid for unlicensed imitation firearms. Even though the tournament had been licensed, the police still proceeded with the raid, after the raid, they allowed the tournament to proceed only with licensed markers, leading to the cancellation of the event.

With the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Sports Commissioner of Malaysia, and the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs, the Malaysian Paintball Federation has been in contact with the Royal Malaysian Police Department, and they believe that this cancellation will help them resolve the ongoing dialogue to formally declare paintball as imitation arms, and figure out how to go about its licensing, destruction, and transfer procedures, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


Mr. Mohammed concluded his statement by urging tournament participants to remain calm while the parties continue their negotiations, and to also refrain from criticism on social media. The problem with paintball in Malaysia began after the 2013 Paintball World Cup Asia, which increased the popularity of the sport, but also started the licensing issues that the sport faces in Malaysia today.

After months of negotiations between the Sports Commission and Royal Police, they have made a decision to allow the Malaysian Paintball Federation to handle the problem as they see fit, and the official elections and voting will take place on March 22nd.

2015 Indian Scout Makes Its Debut At Sturgis


In what has become somewhat of a tradition for them, the Indian Motorcycle Company stole the headlines again this year at Sturgis, when they unveiled their 2015 Indian Scout with the help of Mike Wolfe from American Pickers, and actor Mark Wahlberg. The company is trying to get back in the motorcycle business for years to come, after being out of the picture since the 1950′s.

As reported by MotRev (learn more), the brand was purchased in 2011 by Polaris, which is known as one of the biggest ATV manufacturing companies in the world. Since the acquisition, they have been working on the Scout model, which they are planning to mass produce for the first time in over 60 years. Last year at Sturgis, they introduced the Indian Chief cruiser, and this year, they are bringing back one of the old favorites, with the Scout.


The Scout weighs 558 pounds, which makes it the lightest middleweight cruiser on the market, this is mostly due to the rigid cast aluminum frame it has. The bike also has a 25.3 seat height, which allows shorter riders to ride comfortably, along with a lean angle of 31 degrees, which makes it a very stylish and sporty bike.

The Scout is priced to be sold at $11,000, which makes it very affordable, especially when it comes to Indian motorcycles, but don’t let the price fool you, it is still a very high quality motorcycle. It has a 69 cubic inch liquid cooled V-Twin engine, with 100 horsepower, as well as 72.2 lb-ft torque at 5900 RPM. The power is delivered through a throttle that is mated to a six speed transmission.

Those who attended Sturgis during the unveiling got to see Charlie Ransom from the American Motor Drome Company, ride the 2015 Indian Scout for his daredevil trick that he does on the wooden plank of the Wall of Death. He normally uses the lighter Indian Scout 101 to do his trick, but demonstrated that the new scout can do the same moves, although it shook the walls more than his regular scout does.


The people that were in attendance at the Scout unveiling at Sturgis, were invited to test drive the Scout at the 2015 Indian Motorcycle Demo Experience at exit 30 on I-90 in Sturgis, South Dakota.

For those that couldn’t make the unveiling, the good news is that Polaris has announced that the Indian Scouts are available to order right now, with the first deliveries expected towards the end of the year, giving you plenty of time to order a stylish pair of motorcycle boots.

3 Workout Mistakes That Prevent Muscle Growth


If you are trying to gain muscle and do not see good results from your workouts, it is time to take a look at your training routine and analyze what you are doing wrong. Below we will discuss the most common mistakes that beginners and amateur athletes do in the gym. Some of this mistakes limit your progress making your workouts less effective.

Mistake #1 Too Much Talking

“I often see athletes talking with each other for a long time without exercising” says James Craig, an editor at If you talk too much, pauses between exercises make your workout less intense. That is why it is very important to focus on exercising and socialize less in the gym. Remember, one hour is more than enough to do all exercises from your workout program. If you spend more than an hour in the gym and want to gain muscle, you are doing something wrong.


Mistake #2 Changing Your Workout Program

If you use the same workout routine for a long time, your muscles adapt to it and as a result, the effectiveness of your workout seriously reduces. To avoid this you should change your workout program every 6 months or vary your exercises from week to week. For example on the first week you can do squats and on the second week you can do leg press. Always remember, that you should shock your muscles to maximize results.

Mistake #3 Overdoing

There is one simple rule in fitness that many of us do not understand: too much does not mean good. Moreover, doing too much exercises too soon can lead you to overtraining and will limit your muscle growth. It will also impact your mood. To avoid that, you should feel your body. If you feel that your muscles have not recovered from the previous training, give your body one more day to recover your muscles. Many experts recommend beginners to visit gym 3 – 4 times a week, however, it is not true. You should visit gym only when you feel that your muscles are recovered. Sometimes it takes more times than usual, sometimes less. Learn to feel your body and you will understand that yourself.


Now you know 3 common mistakes that can limit your muscle growth. Try to avoid that in the gym and you will see positive results. We hope you found this information useful and it will help you build more muscles. Good luck.